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THE QUALIA Shares ‘A Quiet Night at Home’. “Hooks with melodies, then finalized to nice glossy fuzz in the rock-anthem”.

Lars Casteen, with Rossen Nedelchev, Matt Raymond, and Will McCutcheon, drive THE QUALIA’s beautifully crafted songs into bliss, as the lyrics and emotions well up between the gray areas that define the life we call ‘home’. Out of the realm that brings the best traditions that has defined bands like Wilco and Talking Heads, the sensibilities of THE QUALIA is hard to define. But the uniqueness and refreshing tones will help you come to a conclusion of serenity and delight, listening to the band’s musical offerings.

Part wry humor, part whimsical seriousness – Lars’ writings tells of stories of human related barriers. Whether it be biological, relational, emotional, reflecting passions of our individual selves delves deep and sometimes unravels masks we carry through-out our adult lives.

But as mentioned, the seriousness is tempered for easier consumption by the jangly guitar work and the vocals.

‘A Quiet Night At Home’ is about ‘growing older’, and as old as time, relationships formed divert friendships and relationships, in all different directions. The song hooks with melodies, then finalized to nice glossy fuzz in the rock-anthem like ending displays the ultimate and unending part of this circle of life.

Quite a sight to experience, to be sure.



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