The Quiet Invisible ‘Warmth Surrounds You’ : Reminds you, that there is still happiness, waiting to be picked.

The Quiet Invisible

Hold my hand. You’re allowed to. As we perilously trek through this black hole named, life, we hold closer.


With conviction.

“‘Warmth Surrounds You’ is a poppy, upbeat ode to not wanting someone to leave you for a life overseas. It features a variety of instruments including a trumpet solo, an orchestral beginning, and a whole lot of pomp and circumstance in between.”

The seas of tumultuous scenarios, the only thing that makes sense, is you.

Your face. Your body. Your heart. Your mind.

The pretty things that gives hope to the life that seems so, here nor there.

The Quiet Invisible, reminds you, that there is still happiness, waiting to be picked.


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