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The Rural Alberta Advantage (The RAA) – Brother

The Rural Alberta Advantage’s (The RAA), Brother is an hard acoustic guitar strumming extravaganza. The screaming and visceral encounter with Brother crawls on top of one’s skin, dances the Appalachia jig, and tap dances the anthem right into the heart to the place we want to belong to.

The three piece band, throughout their bodies of work, seems to always represent themselves as bare as the second layer of a bowling ball – still hard, heavy, connected, and practical. It’s hard to crack a bowling ball, and it’s hard to deny how good The RAA can be.

We always dig folk singer/songwriters and bluegrass-ish rock bands and The RAA hits our music loving hearts to pulp again with Brother.

It’s a short experience, but as tasty as it could be.

Have a taste.

Oh, and don’t try literally to open up a bowling ball. Just roll with it.



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