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The Racer // Skytone // Chateau Chateau // Rat Boy // Loneborn

The Racer – Atlas (Apogee Pt. 2)

Pete Marotta, Mike Esserman, Steve Kondracki, Eric Sosler, and Mike Perri, make up this intriguing band named THE RACER. Transformation and evolution from rock, to alt, to experimental is a fascinating look into the ethereal. The ambience of ‘Atlas (Apogee Pt. 2) is the journey from familiar and the unknown. Not just a struggle to find peace in success, but it is also the struggle to keep the artistic fires burning. “Atlas (Apogee, Pt. 2) came at a time when we were struggling to decide what kind of band we would be going forward. Half of us were pushing to explore new boundaries, while the other half wanted to preserve the trademarks of our previous material. We found common ground, but overall we decided to open ourselves to new ideas.”

Skytone – Dreaming

Rodney and Darius Doddridge make up this project called SKYTONE. 80’s inspired, indiepop approved, the secrets of the Universe are hidden in the notes of ‘Dreaming’. With new-wave sensibilities bubbling underneath the calming tone of the song, the contradictions are heightened and magnified through the lyrical powers. Thoughtful and inquisitive, the sounds of SKYTONE is more mature than you think. But having said that, there’s no reason why we can’t celebrate and dance, right? We can do both with ‘Dreaming’. It’s a fab offering. Have a look at this Ottawa based band. You’ll be surprised.

Chateau Chateau – Evidence

CHATEAU CHATEAU is a bouncy reminder of what fun can be. Even if you’re in the ‘dumps’ you can be assured that there is much to life than that minute of your life. ‘Evidence’ is the turn at the batting lineup. It’s your turn to hit it out of the park. And you will. The band formed as a ‘loosely’ glued garage band ensemble, which quickly evolved into this ‘blooming / bouncy’ group which deals in this glittery and positive conversations about the world we occupy. The Tuscan Arizona based band explores the “the Sisyphean nature of creativity”. Never ends, don’t it?

Rat Boy – Don’t Hesitate

As always, RAT BOY, brings the heat. And in their single ‘Don’t Hesitate’, they burn it up with the noisy rock that we deserve on this most mundane part of the week. The band is in quite an upward trajectory, as their brand of song is quite familiar but has the edge that is uncommonly missing in our day to day. Vicariously, we live through songs like ‘Don’t Hesitate’, as we clamor for more excitement in the space we occupy. We go to know a bit about RAT BOY through their single ‘Internationally Unknown’ and this emo-punk-hiphop-garage anomaly just keeps kicking it up a notch, every time. RAT BOY is just a diggable offering. Period.

Loneborn – Lost in Your Space

LONEBORN is a collaboration between two artists Raul Garcia and Jonathan Tuckler. With a casual hum here and there, the spark for creation seeped into their love of music. From then on the two explored how far they could go with the work of making music. And in songs like ‘Lost In Your Space’, the duo reclaims some sanity in music, with eclectic ambience, drizzled in vaporous lyrics and oddly anthemic notions. Stating about this single: “We wanted to write a warm, enveloping song that feels like floating directionless through space without a care in the world.” Is there an anchor to get us back to terra firma? Who knows. Let’s just float a bit, while we can.


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