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The Racer // Steve Umculo // The Painted Roses // Summer of Blood // Basement Alchemy

The Racer – The Greatest

Pete Marotta, Mike Esserman, Steve Kondracki, Eric Sosler, and Mike Perri, are THE RACER. “’The Greatest’ is a song about self-belief,” said the band, “not letting doubt enter one’s mind and not making decisions out of fear. It is about reaching for one’s greatness and realizing you are your own worst enemy and are now ready to seek your potential and finally accept and know who you are. Many of the lyrics come from the perspective of a person thinking of someone they really admired when they were young but were always too afraid to approach being able to see them now and the person they have become. We would love for this to be a song people can turn to when they are in need of some inspiration or just need to relate to feelings of fear and failure.”

Steve Umculo – Pretty Baby

“I wrote this song while living in Nashville in 2017. The Las Vegas shootings happened during that time,” said STEVE UMCULO. “There was a feeling of national mourning surrounding me which sent my mind down a long rabbit hole. I spent days thinking about the human psyche and how the fleeting actions of one individual can negatively affect the lives of so many.” The Johannesburg, South Africa based artist’s single ‘Pretty Baby’ is a reminder of what we can be at there worst. Steve wants us to learn from our fellow man and moving towards improvement. “Humans can be cruel, wicked and vindictive but we who are aware of this and want to affect change must strive to exude peace, love and happiness. I want to see events such as this one become less and less frequent until they are eradicated…I’m not naive. I know I won’t see this dream come to fruition in my lifetime but I like to believe that it is one that we can all strive toward.”

The Painted Roses – Vice

Cole Stocker (guitar/vocals), Jack Hogan (Bass/Vocals), and Jeffrey Thompson (drums) are the bones and muscle of this classically blues rock of a band named THE PAINTED ROSES. The contrast of life, gets them to write songs like ‘Vice’. The complexity of what life brings. The simple, the large, the incomprehensible, and the dilapidated assertions – they all combine in the love life, or the life of love, that is described in this single, gets you excited about the future again. Guitar driven and fancifully tongue in cheek, the song is very much serious in its steering of its ethically vibrant message and what can be done of it. Yes. It’s your call. It’s your life. You can change it for the better. The band is influenced by the works of “Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and other folk rockers of long ago”. Charm overflows with THE PAINTED ROSES.

Summer of Blood – Strange Island

Frenetic, punk attitude driven chords of SUMMER OF BLOOD’s single ‘Strange Island’ is a Queens Of The Stone Age-esque revitalization of the soul. The noise you hear emanating from the instruments of SUMMER OF BLOOD, curdle in majesty and hypothetically realism as it shrieks deep into your skin. The band is from “the Deserts of Arizona and the Streets of NYC”, and are influenced by bands like The Stooges, Drive Like Jehu, Sweet, Brainiac, Hot Snakes, Rocket from the Crypt, The Cramps, and No Knife. Get hype. And believe in it. As you die of joy, you will smile.

Basement Alchemy – Sailing on a Dream

Off of BASEMENT ALCHEMY’s latest album ‘Changing Colors’, is the single ‘Sailing On A Dream’. Shai Pelled is BASEMENT ALCHEMY and we’d called his works: “A caramel combination of rock and pop…” A smooth and velvety pop dish that smashes its efforts to new heights, while Sahi’s Orbison-like vocal deliveries take you to another Fleetwood Mac-like dreamy cascade of sound and song. Then the bridge of ‘Sailing On A Dream’ dips into the 80’s hair rock vibe that is such an icon. The tastiness of the song, and of Shai’s musical sensibilities are evident from the first chord of this single. The Santa Cruz California baed artist keeps it succulent from the first to the last. Said Shai: “The lyrics [in ‘Sailing On A Dream’] go a bit deeper into appreciating the present moment, the importance of keeping a young and hopeful spirit and the power of love in keeping us alive and happy.” Shai has gone through much in his young life: chronic stomach pain, and becoming a father. Changes that marked him for the songs that he was inspired to write.


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