The Rare Occasions Announces New Debut Album ‘Into The Shallows’. Drops May 25. About time, baby!

The Rare Occasions, really took their time, dang it. What do we mean? They’d been releasing new music since 2013, but hadn’t (couldn’t?) release a full LP. We know it’s not easy publishing a full LP. So, we were doubly happy that they announced the new (ready to drop on May 25th) ‘proper’ 10 song LP!

Dang baby! That’s how you do it!

In all, there doesn’t need to be a full length album. However, for deep fans, it’s something to look forward to.

Anywho, it’s a joy to hear this news, and this latest single ‘Mercy Mercy’. It’s the third song of the upcoming album, and it’s refreshing, intuitive, easy to know, and it’s familiar in every way.

Just listen to the chops. It’s a plethora of funk, jazz, rock fantastics and riffs, keeps you on your heels, heads bobbing, and we just want MORE!

Infectious indeed.

We’re big fans of Rush, and parts of the song reminds us of the kind of CRAFT that builds such rock diddys.

‘Mercy Mercy’ is just right up there, with pronounced highs, lows, drama, teases, and pay off.

So good.

The Providence Rhode Island originating band went west to L.A. long ago, and has been doing their thing. The mix of indie pop melodies, mixed with garage rock and spin pop, there’s little wonder why the public wanted a long form LP.


You should dig this.

Buy [HERE]

FYI: The renowned Spanish artist David Navas gave them permission to use one of his pieces as the cover art.


Into The Shallows Tracklisting:
1. Clover
2. The Shallows
3. Mercy Mercy
4. You Weren’t Meant to See That
5. Backwards
6. Shutting You Out
7. Posts
8. Tether
9. Physics
10. For You

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