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THE RASSLE Shares ‘Roll On’. “Go. Have At It. You Deserve This.”

THE RASSLE released their new single ‘Roll On’ in conjunction with their drop of their debut album. Fun rock & roll? You bettya, mister. And then some. Reed and Blair Van Nort makes the world a bit more brilliant with their airy and fan-tabulous single. You have a convertible? Turn on ‘Roll On’ and you’re ready to go on that trek to the next chapter for your life.

Now, ‘Roll On’ is the title track from the new 9 song album. And do you think that the vibe from the single continues on the new album? That’s an affirmative to the max. You’re never let off the jet ride across the sky with the new album. Might be too much for your personality that loves fun. Or will it?

It’s a challenge.

Dance with ‘Roll On’, then take a short click ride down to their new album and see what new colors of music you can experience. From rock, to dance-rock, some tinge of dark to the effervescent, the album does it all.

The precision of indie and punk overtones are obviously delicious. Just can’t be denied.

Go. Have at it. You deserve this.



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