the Rec ‘Hackney smack deal’ : Sounds of youth. Cast in new light.

the Rec

Stated, the rec: “It’s a true story. A cautionary tale about the down side of drug use and knowing who you live with, with lyrics written while on jury service in Los Angeles.”

In 1981, Dovey and Ritchie, two Shropshire lads from the medieval market town of Oswestry ditched their school books to form north Shropshire’s premier post-punk garage combo – the Assassins.

Reconnecting 30 years later, a trans-Atlantic musical dialogue emerged as they swapped lyrics and melodies across the pond.

The Rec is a unique world, where musical landscapes collide with memory to create sonic snapshots of the past, in the present, for the future.

With prog-punk undertones, and livid deference in lyrics, the duo with the long history, delivers with new energies as the new project, rolls forward. Unmetered, and exuding with honest belonging, the cast of stories, make their way into the public sphere.

And we’re glad, indeed.


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