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The Recluse // APOLLOOFTHEPROFICY // Kosha Dillz // Van Leeuwen // T.R.3

The Recluse – Arizona Tea (ft. itsoldout)

“The first verse, the outro verse and hook are performed by itsoldout. The second verse and second hook are performed by THE RECLUSE”. The smooth recollections of ‘Arizona Tea’ delivers in the malaise of life in a day, in a week, in a month of detriment and heartaches. Small or large, emotions can pause and stop motor functions – a walking zombie of worries. Will she understand? Can she? Who knows. Produced by ok boi.


This single is about “sleep paralysis and projection” the artist APOLLOOFTHEPROFICY stated. ‘Here I Stand’ dips deep into the inside of a soul that wants to explode – to explode with passion and raw emotions, and ravishing commentary on what it’s like to be him. In his first ever music video, it parallels successfully the kind of angst and burden the song embodies, with cut throat truth and relevance. We’re sure many can relate.

Kosha Dillz – Other Side of Happiness ft. Alvarez Kings

Alvarez Kings adds his hooks as KOSHA DILLZ does this fab single ‘Other Side of Happiness’ for us in the public to absorb. Rap, rock, pop – all mixing seamlessly in a delectable pallet of color, the single puts on a show of danceability and poignancy.

Van Leeuwen – Rolls

VAN LEEUWEN comes from the world of Atlanta, GA and the artist brings a new twist to the rap game with a nuance of nihilism with the tint of activation towards a better future and outcomes. ‘Rolls’ is a promise to himself, and for the listener, to keep on hustling, to keep on keepin’ on. And better yet, let’s make it a party for the betterment to come.

T.R.3 ft. YANA – Stoned

We sometimes realize life isn’t really going the way we’d imagined or planned. Our initial denial is natural to expect, for when it all goes down hill, in the back of our mind, we know what kind of work is needed to return to glory again. Deep breath and a reach back to your original convictions, can assist. Let’s hope it does. T.R.3 is an Atlanta based artist, and in ‘Stoned’, the chill and realistic words of atmosphere, catapults the ideas breaking free, another try.


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