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The Red Leslies // More Tongues Than Teeth // Isla June // Guns For Gold // NUMAN COLE

The Red Leslies – Intercourse Weapon

A dangerous game must be played. That’s what happens when the two of you meet. Never fails to accelerate the sparks of annoyance and love. A cocktail of unadulterated childishness towards relationships and misunderstandings become a comedy of errors with you two. But boy, when ‘Intercourse Weapon’ by THE RED LESLIES kick you an new one, there’s just no going back. With grotesquely fuzzy guitars, no-apologies drums and infectious lyrical punk-hyms, ‘Intercourse Weapon’ riles you up for the next enthralling textures of life. Distort, away my friends. It’s go time. What a fab tune, this is. Core members Luis Sanchez and Adrian Martinez drives it out of the park.

More Tongues Than Teeth – Safety First

‘Safety First’ is a “written response to Trump’s travel ban and the support it received from the Christian right,” the band stated. With deliberate and fantastically played guitars, the social commentary is praise worthy for its production value and delightful execution. The slow-toned colorful spectacle of a song is the unique and aggressive bit of the band. With influences from indie, punk, alt, folk, and of past decades, the band indubitably rancors its sanctioned teeth for story telling, and mashes their own sensibilities for shock and awe to beautifully played songs. After all – the world is a big place with lots of challenges and problems, so, we might as well geek out with the talents of MORE TONGUES THAN TEETH. Nothing tho lose, eh?

Isla June – Knew You When

ISLA JUNE is the new project of Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jenna Maranga. And when first listening to this single ‘Knew You When’, our collective hearts hurt with feelings of past lovers and arms length possibilities. Jenna’s vocals does us in like nothing else. We’re captivated by her annunciations and expressive process. And best of all, we’d thought we’d heard a little bit of Dolores O’Riordan’s punch and characteristic in the highs of Jenna’s singing, which blew us away, with chills and appreciation for Jenna’s talents. The simple and driving song is just a tip of that iceberg of uniqueness and unforgettable stamp of sonic exuberance. Quite a sight, to be sure.

Guns For Gold – So Natural

GUNS FOR GOLD presents this acoustic dance named ‘So Natural’. This anthemic promise to another, is the pick me up you need to handle all of the lucky love you’d received from the one you love. Promising to love is not a one way street, for expression in silence and in action should be a remedy for all days. Support means comfort, in knowing that your partner is there for you, for love isn’t always easy to navigate. So, let’s appreciate the ones who help you become stronger, and better. Let’s smile, hug, and gaze into their eyes, longingly and passionately. Let them know you exist physically and existentially.


“It’s the year 1 million AD. The Last Human is a love song between the last human being on planet earth and the first Artificial Intelligent system to be born with a soul named Numan Cole. Numan holds the last human in his arms as she dies and this ignites his soul.” NUMAN COLE has some style of being dramatic, don’t you think? And we appreciate that to the fullest, for that’s a meaningful framing for his work in ‘The Last Human’. A new-wave electronica based ballad of sorts, which is one of NUMAN COLE’s driving weapons against the conventional tenets of music making. And boy, does it ever. With indelible style for the aesthetic, ‘The Last Human’ continues his quest for the truth of his musical being. The journey continues to ingratiate our senses.


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