The Ritualists Share Video For ‘Ice Flower’.

Grinding and engaging. That’s what THE RITUALISTS’ latest single ‘Ice Flower’ means to the listener. The degrading nature of ‘corporate life’ is the emphasis for the song and of the deliciously emblematic music video. The retardation of the self, is evidently written and embedded in the song, as it masticates the tyranny that we sometimes put ourselves through.

Frontman Christian Dryden stated: “Being inspired by larger-than-life characters such as David Bowie, Simon Le Bon, Bryan Ferry and Marc Bolan was a blessing and a curse. It was magical and transformative to imagine these people as your sort of your musical soul mates. It also seemed to engender feelings of loneliness, as there didn’t appear to be anyone else who shared this vision where I was… that is, until I started to frequent the venues and clubs of the Lower East Side.”

The gargoyles of mental and emotional oxidation, comes to fruition in this horridly visceral single.

Off of their album ‘Painted People’, THE RITUALISTS’ aims are as poignant as any.

It just happens that the Placebo-esque darkness compresses our backbone with nurtured excitement and feelings of sexiness.

Something that can’t be ignored.


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