The Rockefeller Frequency ‘Good Apples’ : Rock dance party of the indie-best.

The Rockefeller Frequency

Brisbane-based band The Rockefeller Frequency create energetic indie-rock music fueled by anxiety, loud guitars, and an uneasy sense of pending doom.

Said Joshua Eckersley: “The new single ‘Good Apples’ is a redemptive tale that starts in a very dark place, with a protagonist that has basically given up on everything. He contemplates his endless mistakes and somehow figures out how his life could be worth living, and actively seeks it out. It’s not all bad in the end, which helps in relaying these types of stories. It’s positive, but you have to work through a lot of garbage to get there, just like real life.”

About the DIY journey Joshua added: “The beauty of doing it yourself is you can take your time, and try some really weird shit, and you don’t have to answer to anyone or worry about money. You just create art, go about your day, then do it again.”

From the album ‘Chemicals’, the classic freshness of ‘Good Apples’ just provokes you to get up and do the thing that you do. Full of standards to good ol’ uplifting garage rock antics, the punk-like vibrance comes through as the distinctively prominent vocals of Joshua, dances with his bandmates’ (Jacob Mann, Tim Corcoran, Michael Russell) talents.

The whole of ‘Good Apples’ and of the new album, is a rock dance party of the indie-best.

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CHEMICALS is out now 👊

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