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The Rockefeller Frequency Shares ‘The Rift’. “Fuels the fire that heats up the cauldron of passion.”

Brisbane Australia based THE ROCKEFELLER FREQUENCY hesitates with aplomb, for they are urged by their sanity and passion for their music. The band is pushed by anxieties that pertain to this world and has no qualms of expressing their deep seeded vitriol.

But it’s our gain.

For the conspiracy enthusiasts revel in digging into the human psyche to pull out the last mortal remnants in motivations. Those fuels the fire that heats up the cauldron of passion that the band scribes into their songs.

Stated the band’s vocalist, Joshua Eckersley: “Our new song ‘The Rift’ is about the struggle to accept who you are in the context of a close relationship when you are a very flawed or self-absorbed individual. It’s about reckoning with the reality that at our worst, we are mostly just little tyrants fighting to put ourselves first in one way or another, and how it would be to our detriment to allow that type of egotism to go unchecked. It’s not all bad though. There is love out there, and that is worth everything.”

With a punk intrusive ethos and a thing for story telling, the band puts garage-rock mentalities with folk-tinged lyrical presentation. Together they meld and express, on top of that soap-box of fun.

A debut album is on its way they say.

THE ROCKEFELLER FREQUENCY consists of: Joshua Eckersley, Jacob Mann, Tim Corcoran, and Michael Russell.



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