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The Roves Drop New Self-Titled Debut LP. The beautifully tailored music, has no bounds.

The Roves finds a way, and releases their Self Titled album. We’re floored and in love with the music. What can we say. The tauntingly beautiful and expertly bound 60’s-like sensibilities, ooze around your ears and doesn’t want to let go.


Currently The Roves is slightly a mystery to us, for there’s limited amount of information about them in hand. However, what’s so very exciting is the release of their new S/T LP.

It’s an album from the west Calicos of the U.S. It’s an album belonging to the 60’s Height Asbury. It’s thankfully, an album that was born, when we contemporaries were lucky enough to witness. The consequential binding of the songs is gorgeous, with accents and weavings of stories of past and present, easily highlighting the caverns and crevasses of emotional states.

Feeling of the old Beatles, and the mix of Jefferson Starship-esque aesthetics mold the songs, one by one, easily digested. The body is nourished by those solid psychedelic rock essence.

Our faves in the album are: ‘I’m Not The Only One’, ‘Thelonious On Monk Street’, ‘Green Beret’, ‘Golly, What A Day’. However, listen to them all. It’s worth it. It’s worth your time.

Good stuff.

Congratulations guys, for your hard fought LP. We’re sure it took much effort, but we can say it was a worthwhile exercise.

We’re fans now.

Looking forward to even more from y’all.

Can’t wait.

Kudos, guys!

If you’re in London, take a visit. They’re slated to play on March 30th @ Deli Lama. On May 18th, their official album launch par-tay will take place @ The Betsey Trotwood.



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