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The Rungs Share New Music Video (Age Restricted), ‘King Of Books’.

With ‘King Of Books’, they managed to solidify our thoughts on their sensibilities. The moody indie synths capture the essence and the as we’d said about them in the past: “…delights and titillates our senses, washing and laundering the grime of personal day-to-day chaos…” Word. Their EP ‘Everyday Visions’ dropped last November.

“This song is so personal,” said Mandy Gurung, “but it touches on something dark that I feel a lot of people can relate to in different ways, about recognizing and letting go of something that’s holding them back. It could be a person, a place, a habit, it could be anything that derails you or even makes you sick. “You’re no good for me” is like a twisted mantra for waking up and seeing it. It’s the first step to moving on.”

“I had seen Danielle Saint Velvet perform a few times in upstate NY and in some clubs in the Lower East Side. Her dances stood out to me because she does such versatile routines and always manages to move so effortlessly. Every detail, her facial expressions, choreography, costume design, they all flow together. She’s just so talented in that way. When she agreed to do the video we were so psyched! Our video director and crew put a lot of thought into how to capture the choreography, not just filming the dance but really creating something subtle and delicate. They followed her routine in a way that to me feels so captivating and intimate.”

The Rungs are an alt-pop band formed by husband-wife duo Diwas and Mandy Gurung, completed with, Steven.



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