The Ryne Experience ‘Canopy’ : Don’t you want to meet ‘Paul’? We sure do.

The Ryne Experience

‘Canopy’ is the second single from The Ryne Experience’s upcoming third album, ‘Funky Town’, a conceptual psychedelic alt-country record following the story of Paul Mashake, a man who has his name, lover, and identity stolen from him by Nameless Sam.

As he forms new experiences as a blank slate, he begins to see the world with new eyes, and when he eventually reclaims his past life, he feels like an impostor in his own skin and disillusioned with modern societal life. As Nameless Sam returns to take the one thing that tethered him to his old identity, he snaps and descends into madness. ‘Canopy’ is the record’s second song and follows Mashake right after his name has been stolen in ‘Paul Mashake’. With amnesia and no sense of self, he wakes after having been dragged into the mountains, deeply affected by their untarnished beauty as he makes his way back to town.

Don’t you want to meet ‘Paul’? We sure do.

Funky Town releases April 3 on vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital via Under the Counter as their final release.

TRE is the solo/collaborative project of Lowell, Michigan alt rocker Ryne Clarke.


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