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The Sea, The Sea, Nick Bowen, Les Gold, Collin Russell Mullins, Sanny

The Sea, The Sea – Bittersweetheart

THE SEA, THE SEA’s unlimited energies in sound vocal dramas, gain our attention and relegate us to just a murmur. The dream-pop shoegaze of an experience, upon the beating of the drums, shows us the naked form of struggles and possible self enduced justapositions. Life is as grand and confusing. In ‘Bittersweetheart’, it’s perfectly described, to our heart’s content. It’s a delectable example of how direct translations of the emotions can be put on as air waves. THE SEA, THE SEA is Kimberley Maguire, Dan Minshull and Mark Mccomish’s fab project.

Nick Bowen – Fillin’ up Balloons

NICK BOWEN is a special singer/songwriter. What a passer-by would deem this particular production of guitar and ‘tangy’ drums, as a production anomoly, we differ and say it’s a purposeful painting which is integral to the telling in stories. The single’s lo-fi, deliberate acumen, hightens Nick’s vibrating vocals of exquisite emotions, come through in spades. He’s an artist from Webster, NY.

Les Gold – Spilled the Milk

We think the gang in LES GOLD are on a roll, don’t you know. Their 3rd single from their debut EP is, again, lively and effervescent fun-matic of a single. Yes, love and loss is the central clause of the song, but as usual, the real central character is the environment. ‘Spilled The Milk’ is a fun poke at what ‘idiot’ move some of us implement when in a relationship. Well, we can only experience and learn. Melodies are fab from the Portland, OR group.

Collin Russell Mullins – All In Your Head

COLLIN RUSSELL MULLINS is so crystal clear in his presentation. From his vocals to the raw guitar licks, Collin lays down the lyrics that pertain, and drape our everyday sensibilities. Collin’s ‘All In Your Head’ is exactly the example for those attributes, and you know where you belong, listening to the dream-lined art. Get into the lush, the methods of construction, and airy possibilities he offers.

Sanny – Do This Anymore

Turning away from a routine is in itself a testament to the strength of your convictions, clarity, understanding, and fortitude. It’s always easier to quit. But you don’t. Because you’re confident of the road you are on. Even though sometimes the road seems so lonely and sad. Keep your head high. Let’s do it better.


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