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The Secret Things Shares ‘Bully’. “Will I Be Able To Really ‘Live To The Fullest’ Without Her?”

She came into my life like the soreness of shoulders from the ironing of bad jokes were done the other day. I put patches of menthol creams on the spots that hurt most, but she hurt me all over. It was a mystery why I couldn’t live without her. She knew this too. She smirks when she knows I’m thinking about that issue in my little brain.

Yea. If I think about it, the symptom is just too harsh and large to control.

But, if this is fixed, will life be tasty enough to live anymore?

Because she’s my spice to my boring and just ‘normal’ existence.

Will I be able to really ‘live to the fullest’ without her?

I came to a conclusion today, and the answer is: NOPE.

I love her, as she is, and I’ll die with her – looking after her.

Yikes. She smirked at me again.

The band formed in 2016 and we’re betting they’d been entertaining the way we imagine they have been: wild, exquisite, exotic, 100 mph.

The weirdness of the lyrics drew us to THE SECRET THINGS’s single ‘Bully’. And we don’t regret nothin’

This is how, we think, good rock should be; and how trashy-rock will always be.

‘Bully’ is about the climate of current politics in the U.S. It’s like a mentally abusive relationship sometimes. But how the victims will react during and after, is anybody’s guess.




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