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The Sediment Club’s New Single ‘The Payoff’. LP ‘Stucco Thieves’ Drops May 25.

The Sediment Club brings ‘Stucco Thieves’, the new album offering from the band from the big N.Y.C. It’s been 10 years since their formation, and they have some tales to tell, from ‘human bankruptcy accounts to post Pax-Americana perspectives.

New album drops May 25.

“Hit them over their heads” is the theme of the energy exuded from the album and the first single ‘The Payoff’.

Everything’s ‘snarling’, ‘brooding’ – perhaps institutionalizing the actual anomalies taken from our mutual beneficial humanities.

Or not.

Does it matter?

Kind of.

‘The Payoff’ is the sh*t that gets your angst and worries, put to the side – side ordered – pale ale to wash it down. It’s a pallette cleanser. It’s a song that desensitizes and warns you, for the future chaos, to come.

The Sediment Club, from all indications (and from their latest offerings), will melt their fans’ brains for many more years to come.


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Half Fool Dub (Interlude)
The Sediment Club – The Payoff
Cobalt Ruin
Stucco Thieves
Shadow, Soon
My Dungeon Shook
Hydraulic Saint
Making Spent Americans


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