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THE SERIOUS ARTISTS Share ‘June’s Revival’. “…Passionate Enough, Any Longer.”

His fingers didn’t work the way it used to. He was getting old. He was getting slower, in his estimation. And it was frustrating and hard to work with, as the days became weeks, and months.

The deadline for the work was due very soon.

The pressure was ‘on’, and he could feel the weight on his shoulders getting heavier by the hour.

But he’s been at it too long. The work that didn’t inspire him enough.

He wasn’t passionate enough, any longer.

His personal diagnosis was premature. He certainly wasn’t getting old or slow. Unbeknownst to him, it was his ‘sanity’ that was preventing him from performing at his best.

The way he used to.

A change was needed.

THE SERIOUS ARTISTS is a collective of southern Californian musicians and producers, making tunes. ‘June’s Revival’ is their second single released as the collective.



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