The Sewer Buddies ‘Mud’ : Way it was meant to be. Hard, fast, no ulterior motives and just plain fun.

The Sewer Buddies

The Sewer Buddies is a collective of various independent Boston musicians including, Lock Nemesis Monster, Bazooka Blake, Andrew Space Camp and Lindsey Loogie. Led by the antithetically galactic punk vocals of Lindsey, the project of a culmination of punk philosophies, pure as the driven snow. If that snow had been sitting on a sheet of angst and sharp rocks, that is.

“The band offers an alternative to traditional children’s music with comedic lyrics that encourage kids to think for themselves, all set to the lighter side of punk music, creating an entry point into heavy music genres,” said the band. “We hope that if kids hear Sewer Buddies, they’ll get excited to start exploring rock and roll and create their own music projects!”

Whoa. Deep.

Children songs and punk. It’s a fabulous combination worth noting. And as listen to ‘Mud’, yea, you think to yourself “this really can be a children’s song, after all!”

Wild. Eureka.

At the end of the day, punk is played by these warm hearted advocates of music, the way it was meant to be. Hard, fast, no ulterior motives and just plain fun.


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