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The Sexy Accident // Twin Dive // The Nice Nice // Wild Year // RYAL

The Sexy Accident – The Land of Want

Kansas City’s The Sexy Accident
The band’s sixth long-player, Champagne Babycakes, is the world’s first album released as a card game. Each copy of Champagne Babycakes includes a complete game deck of 54 cards illustrated by Gavin Snider. In February 2020, The Sexy Accident will release their seventh studio album, ‘Rabarbaro’, which was produced by Seattle legend Steve Fisk (Car Seat Headrest, Low, Unwound, Nirvana, Pigeonhed, The Wedding Present). The band is Jesse Kates (songs, guitar, singing), Ramone Hall (drums), Jamie Lin (singing), Ryan Leip (keys, guitar), and Eric Knight (bass), and rolls with poetry and thump, both decadent and shoegazy murk. Divine restitutions of thought and sessions, come with a bold line of credit lines to the heart of hearts.

Twin Dive – Holly

Twin Dive’s twisted, angular and oblique track ‘Holly’ is paired with visually stunning and equally as disorienting film for their latest single release. “Although the song is about ego, and some of the lyrics are self-glorifying, it’s really said in irony, for the most part at least.” – said frontman Robert Jancevich. TWIN DIVE seem like a band on the cusp of achieving something very exciting. Twin Dive’s blend of classic 90s-infused alternative guitar rock, fuelled with their dark, pan-Scandinavian heritage, served with small doses of bravado and a confident stage presence. Dynamic is what they are. “The sound of a wedding of Libertines and Nirvana, with an open invitation..” The band kicks with a sharp stab. You see yourself bleeding. But all you want to do – only can do – is to smile in joy to ‘Holly’. Word.

The Nice Nice – It’s Been Good To Me

“There was: A lonely Australian boy named Tim looking for a partner to make music with. He finds Tom, another solitary boy from Munich, not looking for anyone. After connecting with their love for Chris Isaak and Chris Rea and an outstanding consume of coffee and a lot more wine, they headed to the now infamous Marmelade City Studios to write their first jam, “Beached”. Floating out there in the stars. Being a multi-emotional species is a survival mode of ‘It’s Been Good To Me’. A beautifully mono-plastic collision of mirth and grit, softly presented and delightfully inspiring. It’s a charming bull horn, gently weeping in the wind.

Wild Year – Setting Yourself on Fire

Wild Year, the four-piece indie electro-pop band from Los Angeles. The quartet consists of Cole on vocals, Will on bass, Ajay on drums, and Hunter on guitar. They make synth driven pop accents of musical actions and shimmer. ‘Setting Yourself on Fire’ is a focus track from their upcoming album ‘I Love You Dreamweaver… Stop Haunting Me’, and as it sets you up for a dramatic runway ride up to the heavens, you look and engage with the environment before you. Textured with the calm of the even-ness of the self deluded, you stride forward to a newer and more vibrant circumstance. Urgent, with perspiring anxiety, you do your best to solidify the vapid, empty feeling of your inner soul. “Has it come to this, you ask?” The answer was a surprise and an inspiration. Wild Year is a band that climbs that mountain, one synth personification, at a time.


“The songs are a deliberate magnifying glass to the depression that resurfaces in my life,” said Jacque Ryal. “Maybe if I looked at it super close up I can understand all facets and get out of it faster.” Electronic, Alternative Synth duo RYAL is the collaboration between singer, keyboardist Jacque Ryal and producer Aaron Nevezie. They are influenced by Bonobo, Little Dragon, Thome York, Sbtrkt, Tame Impala and Damon Albarn, and comes with a ship load of emotions, that might just crush you into joy. RYAL is “vintage electronic textures of pulsing modular synth bass lines locked to analog drum machines and keyboards, the music blends live guitar and drum kit for an experience that combines the minimalism of Eno with the energy of the club”. Singles ‘Awake Monroe’ and ‘Watcher’ as a dual single (available now) are a buildup to even more releases coming out this winter.


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