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Lucia Love

The Shakers – Tea Party

THE SHAKERS makes homecoming a breeze. We mean actually the act of ‘coming home’ and being yourself. Being with your mates. Being with your inhibitions, left at the driveway, and never thought about until the morning after. Your friends are here to forget for a time, of the world that is beyond those doors. You are able to be just ‘you’. And that’s what ‘Tea Party’ is all about. Published and distributed through their own label, the 5 piece band makes you remember where you’re at and why you should remember who you are. So, let the mask down, let’s laugh it up. It’s only this world to live, and you should live it up with the folks who care. Rock + disco fun(k)? Priceless. Jack Hawkins, Christian Spruit, Matt Wright, Charlie Gardner, and George Service are THE SHAKERS.

Michael Barrow & the Tourists – Sweet Honey

Indie rock brazed in sweet blues rock tinge. Now there’s a fun idea. In life, we can live that vibe through MICHAEL BARROW & THE TOURISTS’ vibrant and fabulous single ‘Sweet Honey’. Get up with your gal and dance it up, for this single is that fun folk-rock fun that you’d been waiting for. The Provo, UT based band consists of Michael Barrow, Mark Lanham, Reed Perkins, Alessandro Improta, and Zach Collier. ‘Sweet Honey’ follows their 2018 ‘Santa Barbara Sessions’ imprint.

Kidhimself – SORRY

Maine originating artist, KIDHIMSELF debuts with ‘Sorry’. “Only recently have I come to terms with the fact that people might want to hear my music, and that the songs I write are good enough to share,” KIDHIMSELF stated. “I write what comes to me and really feel as though I have little control as to what it is, so why change to satisfy this internal criticism? These are all songs that were in me, for whatever reason they are part of me.” An apologetic expression of gratitude and self-exploration, ‘Sorry’ is his song about his endeavor into sharing his music with his audience. “But it is also an apology for trying to be someone that I’m not and causing people to suffer because of it. It’s about loosing people along the way, for better or worse, by acting like someone else or on a more personal note- writing like someone else.” Deeply touching and simple in presentation, it weighs with all of his heart and soul, and that heft of honesty is felt, throughout. You can say KIDHIMSELF is an interesting creature. And we like him even more for it. You should too.

Marsicans – Your Eyes

Bassist and vocalist Rob Brander explained: “‘Your Eyes’ is a song about a particular time in my life when I felt I was being left behind by those around me. Everyone I had grown up with, was making these big ‘life’ decisions and overarching plans for the future, whilst I was still treading water.” With that sinking feeling of surfing through life’s questions for your existence. Alone. Lonely. Desperate to find answers for what reality has become. It’s a common story of finding yourself, and Rob writes poignantly through his single ‘Your Eyes’. But with punchy, guitar driven angst, the single is of triumph and final determination to make life, the way he wanted. No longer alone, only fight, grit, and wit makes his life worth living. MARSCIANS makes that anthem, ours and for all of us. The band is everywhere in England, doing their tour thang. We think you should listen and see them. Just sayin’.

Stillwater Sound – Karma

Inspired by autumn and Joshua Tree, California, ‘Karma’ is the single from the upcoming EP from STILLWATER SOUND. The single is a direct reflection on how the band really thinks of the world that they experience, with captured shimmer of honesty and truth. Their truth, and when lyrics from the skies merge with the soul of their musical construction, we all feel much alive. Take a deep breath, and when the wisps of beauty seeps into your soul, STILLWATER SOUND will be there to reassure and support. The reflective pool, wrinkles with dexterity and vibrance, where ‘Karma’ reels in agonizing bliss. Get to know STILLWATER SOUND.


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