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The Silent Home Shares ‘The Colours Began To Fade’.

I sat in that dang chair, silently next to the windows. The view of the downtown suburbs of this town was sickening to my core. I’d been there for too many years and everyday it seems I was drowning in my own excrement of dirty feelings, regrets, and unrequited anger. And it didn’t seem to stop or wane in intensity. In fact, it seemed to have increased in velocity and power.

My dreams were falling apart. They didn’t make me – a human animal – better in any case. Sleep is known to be an essential part of a person for rejuvenating. But no. Nothing like that happens to me any longer.

Not since that night. That horrible, horrible night.

The nightmares and my sanity started to degrade. And worst of all, I couldn’t stop it from happening.

Seems we all have parts of our lives, in small and in large, when we feel ‘helpless’. It can be due to many factors, but most of the time, it’s just because of ‘us’ – our individual ways of sabotage.

Can’t blame it. For it feels ‘warm’ and ‘cozy’ when you get used to it.

It’s a trap.

‘The Silent Home is a project formed just in 2017 by London based artist, Nicolas Hugo. He does everything. And because of that, we had the chance to see a little glimpse of what Hugo’s mind is like, through this single.

We love it when that happens.

Kudos, Nicolas. Kudos.



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