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The Silent Picture Soundtrack // The Blunt Franklys // Jack Greenwood // Náttfari // William Poyer

The Silent Picture Soundtrack – B List’s Apprentice

Everything that you hear on this glorious single ‘B List’s Apprentice’ is nostalgic, innovative, and musically resounding. THE SILENT PICTURE SOUNDTRACK’s industrially-poised single is an endeavor in industrial electronics, heavy metal drums, burgeoning lyrical vexations, and utter discrepancy of philosophy. Part hound, part wolf, the single is a devastating aggression towards a part of your brain that needed sustenance; and wave of sonic sustenance. Headed by Aaron James and produced in conjunction with Taras Tkachenko, the glistening and grotesquely beautiful apocalyptic vibes of this song conjure signals of a decade past. But at the same time, it is a future, of future things to come, as it slithers wryly towards the horizon. Pent up sounds, meet pent up needs – palpitating into existence, as you fade away. Oh and listen to the scratching. It’s delicious. Looking forward to more from Aaron.

The Blunt Franklys – When yr around

THE BLUNT FRANKLYS is a project. That is that. A band that does music, like when cutting up dough to make cookies in the oven. Fresh, chocolate-y, warm, gooey. ‘When yr around’ is a slacker dream-pop, with delicate mumbling lyrical stylistics that charms the pants off, you know who. The gang is setting up their upcoming full length album, as their jangly guitar anthem about love and relationships kick your butt down town. Lo-fi and all around southern-Cali-tastic, the band is in it, to win…. your heart. Or at least a friendly toke on that communal bong of gratitude. The LP drops September 27th.

Jack Greenwood – A Song About Time

Wausau, Wisconsin originating singer/songwriter Jack Greenwood delivers in his single ‘A Song About Time’. A bluesy, rockin’ folk framed single, the fun just keeps on tickin’ as the song bounces and affords to distribute smiles of many. Jack stated that the song is from his debut album ‘Flying Softly’ and that the lyrics ‘center around the inevitability of time’. For sure. Time doesn’t wait. And it flows forward as we grow ever older. It’s a hard pill to take when that realization sets in. You look forward to the future, but with new baggages of trepidation, angst, and of the unknown. In the meantime, might as well dance to a cool tune like ‘A Song About Time’, right? See Jack perform next at Intermission in Wausau, Wisconsin September 4th.

Náttfari – Svartklettur

We don’t have a habit of reviewing about instrumental rock singles. But there are times when it’s warranted to highlight a cool new dig in the genre. Many factors come into it, but when you listen to Icelandic post-punk band Náttfari, the solid base of the band screams out to the fold, and successfully carries out a fantastic commitment to music. The childhood friends from Reykjavik formed in the year 2000. The band stated: “We use music as an outlet of what influences us in our lives at any given time. We feel that music is a great way of encompassing emotions that can not be put into words and since we are not men of many words this suits us perfectly. Being a collaborative process from beginning to end it requires a lot of decisions to be made, and we make those decisions together. In a way it reflects any project or creative process in life, or even life itself, a creative decision making process.” Rock can express those feelings well. In ‘Svartklettur’ we think the band took full advantage of their pallet. Their new album ‘D-Sessions’ is out now.

William Poyer – On Our Way

Inspired by the likes of Ray LaMontagne, Shovels & Rope and Jason Isbell, WILLIAM POYER’s songs are guns blazing throw-backs to a certain golden era of music. Mix of Americana and rock undertones, the folk laced goodness of William’s smooth and growling vocals tatter the edges of visions that bloom in the sunlight of greatness. ‘On Our Way’ is a beautifully and classically constructed single of grand proportions, with knee slapping bluegrass demeanors guiding your steps to high-heaven. Having left his native Wales in 2013, the artist has traveled to invigorate, and always discover a bit more about himself and the craft of song. Currently based out of Mexico City, the beautiful song writing is easy to hear and absorb into your heart. See William perform at The Rocksteady Dalston, in London October 4th.


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