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the Skating Party – Nail Polish Gun

When things are against the wall. When things are at its wit’s end. When the reality of your world seems just a bit off. It is a tale of this and that from THE SKATING PARTY that envelopes with fairytale likeness and sermon-al platitudes, which combine so delectably in their music. A discourse for story telling at it’s most “Wes Anderson”. A project of “Gregory James”, the Philadelphia whiz-bang multi-instrumentalist produces shoe-gazy bangers like ‘Nail Polish Gun’ that is all that is psychedelic and with all of the amenities that you’d expect. Leather upholstery. Check. Power seats? Check. Air Conditioning. Double check. Waking up to this unique but familiar access is a fun ordeal. This single is included in the the 2nd compilation with “the Skating Party,” “the Death of Pop,” and “the Arctic Flow”; plus, Philly locals, “Telyscopes,” and “Panophonic”.

Belonging – All I Can Hear

Grunge. Digital grunge. That’s what BELONGING is all about. Grating, gritty, metal pop, anemic psychosis – the project puts together the words and diagnosis of influences that culminate with tinges of hate, jealousy, recompense, and latitude for the life that seems not to move. But ‘moving’ is an individual’s personal summation for progress. Chris Patrick is the mind behind this project and ‘All I Can Hear’ is a on and on, 90’s pop endeavor that is visceral in one sense, and an arm’s length long in inhibitions that never tattle-tale. A slot to the naughty, and a kiss for the brave, the song depicts the sight of what we go through in this lifetime. Chris stated: “One of the few times I’ve dreamed a song and still remembered it when I woke up (hence “It’s 5 in the morning…”), so I had to record it for posterity!” Oh mornings…inspiration time or times of dread. Depends on the mood of the day, no? We’re glad this time around it was the former for Chris. “Getting up far early for a job I don’t really like, anxiety, being cheeky to the people you love, the current craziness in the world, randomly getting annoyed by the lyrics to “My Way” and trying desperately to keep your sense of wonder intact.”

Flamingo – Harp

Cody Christian is FLAMINGO. ‘Harp’ is that hidden and brooding axel for balance and inextricably inexcusable attitude. Whatever that may be. Whatever that may temp. Whatever that may preside. The glamor and the ecstasy of you and us, hand in hand, with all of the struggles within the gaps of our palms. Millimeter of distance, always wider than the English channel. Can that imagination for the grandiose be traversed to meet once more at the edge of OUR universal gratitudes? Will we be loving once more? Had we stopped, to just enjoy each other’s gifts towards one another? Barron, it maybe, but we must resist the temptations. We can withstand this horrid pull. You. Us. Together. Emotional and emotive, the tactile textures of ‘Harp’ decides in full what we can be feeling as our intimacies and public announcements collide. The beautiful darkness bleeds into the frame, just enough to cause a scene. Which is intended. The rousing annunciation of the words to trip hop elements, color the discourse – once more – until we can love again.

Among The Citizens – Next Time

From the surface, AMONG THE CITIZENS’ single ‘Next Time’ seems like just a fabulously tight pop-rock single. But things are more intricate. And within the details of the notes, the riffs, the collaborative overlapping of colors – all deem it responsible to ground our attention to the negative and positives of the story line. But not just for effect, but for delivering the aptitude and vigor for what the subject of ‘vibe’ can really offer. Basslines, guitar licks, effervescent vocals, pop-hop danceability, all culminate in a summer vision that is delectable from the first to the last bar. The band stated: “‘Next time’ is about the breakdown in communication between two people where their feelings are getting pushed back and they are no longer prioritising each other. It talks about how to deal with a relationships ups and downs and how people can be taken for granted when you become complacent with one another.” The London based band sure knows how to let us envision how to have a good time – even in trouble social times. Something to think about. At least we can dance while we do.

Matt York – Permanent Crush

Yep. Sometimes things just have to take its own course. Love isn’t an exception. “Permanent Crush is about letting the love of your life know that you’re going to be there for the duration,” explained MATT YORK. “It doesn’t mean there won’t be rockiness, but it’s about committing to ultimately being there in the end. A lot of my songs are about bad love and heartache. This one is about the enduring love I have had with my wife through the years.” A straight up ‘love ballad’ towards the one he loves, ‘Permanent Crush’ is a straight forward ‘contractual clause’ for what the two souls will be in for. The winters of their lives might have Glacial divides; the summers of affection may be as deep as the Mariana trench – but through each extremes, the promise of undying love will endure. In this case, the trust is thrusted with conviction of Matt’s vocal grit and honesty. Word is bond.


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