The Solarists Release Single ‘CRYPTK’. It’s A Simple Demand, Dang It!

The guitar lick on top of the high-hat work in the chorus, makes this song just bloom. Yes. Bloom. Like as in it’s ‘summer with classic rock salt sprinkling’ which enhances the taste, the feel, the vibe. And yes, we said it. Vibe.

The Provo, Utah based, The Solarists, bring the charm (as their handlers put it, and we agree) to the single, with ‘wit’ brought to the fore, without ‘witty’ or ‘cheesy’ literary comments. All of that is done through the instruments, and the arrangement, to full and effective resolution.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely within the emo-indie-rock flavor genre, but we took extra interest because of the vibrancy, the ‘honesty’, and the ‘open chest’ freshness that we felt.

Which isn’t easy to do, by the way.

The single and the band will be very popular to their fans, no matter what.

What we’re hoping for is that their skillz will equate to awesome future albums that stretch their musical boundaries – in effect stretching us fans to stretch ours.




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