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The Spinning Stillness Shares ‘Happy Times’. Maybe We’ll Just Meet ‘The One’.

Understanding the rules of engagement, is a hard thing to master. For some it’s just the usual and is natural. For some it’s very hard to comprehend, and is very difficult. The gaining of a girl or boy’s attention, can be fun and mysterious. But at all times, it’s a fun activity. Within a night at the bar, you can learn many things about yourself.

After all, it’s not about ‘her’ or ‘him’. It’s about ‘you’. The core ‘you. What you’re made of. What you’re all about.

There are degrees of attaining such attention, indirect or direct, but in either case your ‘cunning’ and ‘wit’ can win over the toughest targets.

Well, maybe.

It’s a numbers game, TBH, and like anything else, need to be comfortable with that inkling.

Or maybe we’ll just meet the one ‘true love’ without even trying.


Yea. We think you shouldn’t take advice from people like us at CHF.

THE SPINNING STILLNESS is a fun live band from Florida and has a very refreshing flavor to their songs and presentation. We think they’re very popular to their fans.

At least we’re more sure of that then the rules of ‘dating’.



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