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The statistics // Strange neighbors // Andi Trepanier // Ponyboy // Keren Ilan

The statistics – Sparks In The Night

Darby Yule and Erin Yule sings their caring hearts out in ‘Sparks In The Night’. The optimistic view on the cruelest options of life and what it poses, sometimes. The duo’s project THE STATISTICS is a rockin’ alt-rock race to the top, as the alma maters of love come together in the chorus to sing out the possibilities. One thing can make all the chaos feel all worth it. It’s you. It’s your love that can spark that inspiration to start again – as long as you’re with me, here on this hell on earth – doing our best. Nothing hurts, when we’re together. The sentiments in this offering is poignant and rockin’. Let’s go! Darby and Erin are Prince George, BC and proud.

Strange neighbors – Lisa (You’re Tearing Me Apart)

STRANGE NEIGHBORS’ single ‘Lisa (You’re Tearing Me Apart)’ is about “the best movie in the world – The Room.” Goofy, fun, and light just like us. Off of the latest album ‘How To Human’ (available now), the song is a 90’s vibin’ alt-rock indie fair that is beautifully hokey as it is fantastically charming. The band is made up of Aidan (vocals), Tracey (drums), Dana (bass) and Zach (guitar), and the quartet brings their brand of nostalgia, to subjects and vibes that they care about and are interested in. From what you hear from ‘Lisa’, you get what the band is all about. Happy and never serious, unless needed, the band’s textures are guitar driven aromas of fun and luxury.

Andi Trepanier – Agoraphobic

ANDI TREPANIER is unique. She’s the double-take you do in a conversation. She’s the black cat jumping in your dreams. She’s the beautiful dive you mastered deep into that pool of gold coins. Just like those items don’t collaborate, on the surface. They all deviously describe the multi-talent of Andi. The Canadiana alt/progressive pop body of work, traverses many genres, blending and extracting the best in pop, electronic, alternative, and rock influences with elements of RnB, jazz, and soul. Her work shines. Her vocals, dance above the shores of ecstasy as you listen close. ‘Agoraphobic’ is just one of her offerings that is as succulent as Mariah Carey’s soulful dynamism, and majestic as the winter peaks of your favorite mountain. Andi’s a gift for any occasion.

Ponyboy – Oregon

PONYBOY is the place of residence in musical shimmer for Gunnar Cushway, Matt Mena, Aidan Saylor and Tyrus Friedstrom. Layered saxophone and strings, paint the white walls of isolation with possible folds of optimism with blues, pinks, and yellows. We see ‘Oregon’ as the penultimate sliver of time, just before isolation breaks. Breaking your psyche. Breaking your emotional ambiguities. Breaking reality. The impressionistic project of PONYBOY is an acrylic painting, of shapes and angles, soft at some visions and diabolically unforgiving unto itself. Life, options, and death come into play much with PONYBOY. ‘Oregon’ is one of those beautiful sliver of time.

Keren Ilan – This Morning, Yesterday

From her debut EP, ‘This Morning, Yesterday’ (August 19th), KEREN ILAN demonstrates her poetry and empathy for the lonesome heart, in the title track. Born in Vietnam, the Tel Aviv living and working artist, brings her experiences to the fore with tempestuous strums, heavy with feeling and lust, gainfully lifted by the subtle positivity within her wishes through her lyrical crystals. The 4 track EP is an emblematic 4 sided chapter in the verse of struggle, confusion, ignition, and acceptance. Keren’s insightful revelry for the life that she’s been able to live, comes through the vibrant losses and the ultimate loves that await her dreams’s end. Let her attitude sooth you.


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