The Story of the Sun ‘Disarray’ : Redeems your cynical vision for the world and relaxation ensues.

The Story Of The Sun

The Story of the Sun is a New Orleans rock band. The members are resident physicians. And when they gather their feelings and put them together into song, the catchy melodies, hard-hitting drums, and searing guitars punctuate these nostalgic, bring the best in feel-good/don’t mind the world, vibes to the fore. For a moment.

Stated the band: “These songs are best experienced in the car, at night, with the sound cranked up, the seats reclined and the sunroof open, parked somewhere deserted so that all that lies between you and the stars is your own imagination. All of our stories, in the end, can be traced back to the story of the Sun.

From their latest LP ‘Dreamland’ the trio makes quick hay and belts you with charming orations in love and confusion, fun and not-so-fun things of the world. The way they do so, with lyrical charms and effervescent calculus, redeems your cynical vision for the world and relaxation ensues.

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