The Sun Kings ‘Once or Twice’ : Indie fabulousness, brings easy rock and sentiments to the fore.

The Sun Kings

Wellington local indie legends – a four piece guitar based band with their feet firmly stuck in UK 90’s indie rock. Three of the band hail from the UK – Andy Marsh (guitar and vocals), Steve Hughes (bass), Andy Galinski (guitar), and our most recent addition Matt Whimp, our resident Kiwi, on drums.

The band are firmly at home live belting out their blend of rock and not caring to catch up with current musical trends at all. The band wears their Oasis and Britpop influence both loudly and visually whilst having their own distinctive sound and approach live.

Espousing fame and fortune to focus on artistic purity (essentially not wanting to drive further than Kapiti or Upper Hutt), the band follows the maxim that happiness truly begins at home.

Charming guitar works, with that indie fabulousness, brings easy rock and sentiments to the fore.


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