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The Sunday Estate – Let’s Stop Pretending

Crafting a delicate, Brit-pop infused brand of “Nostalgia Pop”, the warm familiarity in The Sunday Estate’s music compliments a fresh perspective on sounds reminiscent of the likes of The Cure, New Order, The Stokes and Phoenix. Written just right after vocalist and guitarist Conor finished watching Netflix’s cult teen rom-com, ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, ‘Let’s Stop Pretending’ follows the all too familiar narrative of two friends who are both madly in love with each other but ignore their feelings to preserve their friendship. Sven (Drums), Conor, Tom (Guitar), Finn (Bass) and Dave (Guitar/Synths) make up this pop-rock combination and the shine that comes off of the project is certainly fabulous. The fresh beats and refreshing way of telling the story, delivers with flare but absolutely maintains the goodness of innocence and bravery, that could exist. The song was recorded in one blistering take at A Sharp Studios in order to capture the chaotic, nervous energy that being in love with a best friend feels like, with finishing touches added at producer and mixer, Ryan K Brennan’s house the following day. See this fab band next @ The Chippo Hotel, Sydney, October 24th.

Luna Rosa – MK Ultra

Luna Rosa are an alternative quartet hailing from Northamptonshire. The classic rock vibe of Luna Rosa is real. It’s hard. It’s deep. It fills the voids of the unknown, as the grooving chords fuzz out with glamor and couture sexiness. Rory McDade, Aidan Furey, Jack Connolly, and Charlie Thorneycroft brings it home, as always with ‘MK Ultra’. The deliverance of the single is grandeur with Doors-like inevitability and psyche-tinged invincibility. Previous single’s “Fever” & “Spread My Ashes Anywhere But Here” have gained airplay on BBC6 Music, BBC Introducing, Radio X and an array of others including 50 stations abroad. Their latest single “Mercurial Man” was playlisted by Burberry, Q Magazine, Gigslutz and RicherSounds. See them next @ The Chameleon, Nottingham UK, October 17th.

Emiliano Ortiz – Unforgiven

Have you experienced Emiliano Ortiz? Not yet? What are you waiting for? We’d said of him as a: “waft with force through this window sill of decadence and revealing absolution. This exhilaratingly arranged single from the New York City based artist gets you up and into it, like you’d though music should.” In ‘Unforgiven’, the dance of guitar strings is the core. It is the song. The majesty of the licks, layered upon the beautiful grit of Emiliano’s vocal expressions, drown you in nostalgia and visceral ecstasy. With a Fastball/MUSE-like thrust in ‘Unforgiven’, the darker and thicker atmosphere of rock, indulge you like the spoiled little soul you are. And you love it. Get in. Get Emiliano.

Magon – Landslide

A delightful mix of psych rock, garage, and rushed tempo, ‘Landslide’ is off of debut album ‘Out In The Dark’ by Magon. The slow and methodical attitude of ‘Landslide’ is a buttress to a certainty of doubt and taxes. It all comes to a head, all at the same time; never ending in pain. The tortured regress-ments, depicted by the stripped up lyrical presentation, callously takes your hand through a vat of acid and momentary delight in the enemies of reason. The fame of falling and the pan-fried buckets of self-aggrandizement, isn’t you. She’s there for you, waiting for the real you to come by and say ‘hello’ again. Let the pain slip slide away. Can you? ‘Landslide’ is mysterious, vexing, and it’s gorgeous in its own way. And its ‘way’ is well… gorgeous. See him next @ O’Sullivans Backstage By The Mill, Paris, on October 17th. The album is out now.

Sleepspent – Unstable

Austin North and Josh Mendoza are a power duo of music and what music should be all about. The essence of meaningfulness; the essence of tactile simplicity, in the efforts to draw out the glimmer of hope and love and all that chaos of involvement. The umbrella of this nor that, comes apart at the molecular seams in ‘unstable’. An engrossing fog of enamored haunts and suggestions, creep towards the light of attitude and coaxing rhythms. With Austin’s textured vocals delivering the lyrical accent appointments, ‘Unstable’ takes r&b/soul underpinnings and puts the elements to beautiful use. Both experimental and of synth-pop goodness, the duo takes it up a notch, as we listeners hold our breath for more and more. The El Paso originating band delivers with understated oomph and energetically profound thrusts in musical exercises. Austin stated: “I use a heavily prominent vocoder throughout, and the head-nodding drums are probably my favorite part, especially in the intro. The song itself is about anxiety and possessiveness, and how one can use their being “unstable” as a way to attach themselves to another person as a coping mechanism, and how that is unhealthy for both people involved. It’s open to interpretation from others I believe, and I find that listening to music is a two-way conversation..”


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