The Sunset Kids ‘Brave’ : Manifests that love is the only thing that can make us strong and fearless.

The Sunset Kids

Connecting the track to the trying times our world is currently facing, the duo noted: “We all have to be brave. Brave to be open to love and brave to be willing to live. Perhaps at these mad times more than ever. This song manifests that love is the only thing that can make us strong and fearless. It is our limitless subscription to protection from darkness, loneliness, and feeling incomplete. It is always with us and within us no matter if we have to be apart from our loved ones. Love connects us all.”

“Brave” is the precursor to two EPs set for release later this year, and follows their debut track, the Illuminati-esque “Fantasy” which garnered the attention of significant media and playlisters with its dreamy new wave appeal, as well as the Shape of Water inspired “Ocean Clear”, which presented a slightly different sound, opening with light synths and building into an acoustic melody to meld into a heart-swelling pop anthem. Their third release “Volcano” is the perfect amalgamation between the two with its gentle acoustic opening that builds into an emotionally whimsical reverie.

Canadian singer/guitarist Josh Palmer and Russian-born songwriter Ellaya Zampieri makes what SUNSET KIDS, what it is. “As soon as Ellaya showed up at my studio and played piano, I was just blown away instantly,” Josh remembered. “I could tell that there was a musical bond. That kind of thing either happens or it doesn’t — it’s like magic.”

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