The Sunshine State ‘Cliff Drive’ : Melts into new and brighter vibes, you live – truly – as you’d been born to do.

'Cliff Drive'

Skyler Stonestreet is the mission behind the project, The Sunshine State. ‘Cliff Drive’ is a debut single written by Skyler, Hayley Gene Penner (Lennon Stella, Charlotte Lawrence), and Nick Monson (Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez)).

And its charming bubbles of real life crash courses, bring that extra shine of decadence, where we all want to be and exist.

That time when the sunrays through your morning curtains, dazzled your senses and the warmth straddled your cold beating heart towards love… that’s where ‘Cliff Drive’ is.

And when it melts into new and brighter vibes, you live – truly – as you’d been born to do.

Said Skyler: “‘Cliff Drive’ is about nostalgia for me, it’s about a time in my life where I was doing almost anything and trying everything, where I felt reckless but safe in that. I was on a constant chase for something new, dangerous, as long as it was freeing. Cliff Drive is a road in Santa Barbara where I grew up, and that I’ve driven down many many times. It’s a road that looks beautiful but has come with its own tragedies. This song captures the impulsive and carefree feeling of escape.”

Let’s be fascinated.

Let’s love again.


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