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THE SWEET KILL Shares ‘Radioactive’. “You. Me. Radio. Active. Now. Present. And Future.”

Kinda sexy is understating ‘Radioactive’ by THE SWEET KILL. Pete Mills is the head of this organization for ‘sexiness in songs’ and he’s doing a heck of a job in gaining that target. The bazooka had been set to hit that target off in that distance, and well, it hit with such magnetism that all of the molecules near ran like there was no Universe.

You. There. Sitting, and drinking your cocktail. Look at the girl next to you.

Is she turning to look back at you? Doesn’t have to be a direct reply. Peripheral glance is good enough.

Has she touched her hair, tossing her long black locks over her shoulder, even though it was already over her shoulder?

Is she acting in overtly, over-dramatic gestures you didn’t see her doing prior?

Now’s your chance. She wants to see what your game is like.

Talk to her. Say hi.

She’ll be slightly dismissive, but not wholly deflective.

Good sign.


Talk. Keep trying to be charming. But be yourself.

“She smiled back.”

You’re IN.

THE SWEET KILL is Pete Mills’ latest project and with his glam-rock past, the formula in TSK is of that of a teasing habit, between the sexes, between lovers, and the indomitable efforts of human beings to see a different side of themselves, through a safe prism.

Pete provides you that, several minutes at a time.

Be freer. Be you. Explode with passion.

It’s good for your back.

Kudos Pete. Kudos.



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