The Sweet Serenades ‘Runaway’ : You smile at the prospects of this and of the forth coming.

The Sweet Serenades

The Sweet Serenades bring rockin’ folk goodness in this sultry story in ‘Runaway’.

“‘Runaway’ is inspired by endless skies and new beginnings – a road trip tune,” said Martin Nordvall. “An obvious song-song with classic elements: a driving beat, a catchy melody and a strong ”it’s you and me against the world”-vibe.”

A reminiscence of the days of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m on Fire’, the road track that exudes confidence for whatever may come over the horizon, keeps you involved and tapping at the heels of your heart. The subtle emotions of the baritone, marks milestones of worry, empathy, trepidation, and freedom, all in one breath. And as it summons your courage to hit the road with ample conviction, you smile at the prospects of this and of the forth coming.


The track was written in Berlin and recorded in Stockholm with producer Johannes Berglund (Fever Ray, Shout Out Louds), reliving the past of New Jersey drives and highway joy.


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