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The Switch – This Is Not Nothing

“This is an epic rock song about the beginning of the universe,” said the band about ‘This Is Not Nothing’. “The song was written and recorded as a climax, it was supposed to be a zenith of soaring emotion. Putting the high point in the middle of the album was supposed to mimic the way real life doesn’t have a satisfying dramatic arch – it doesn’t necessarily end with a bang, and the bangs that come don’t arrive on cue. In the song, the big bang becomes a metaphor for emergent feelings, like love or the increased sense of life that sometimes comes at the end of a depressive state.” As if George Harrison had anointed the sunshine that THE SWITCH’s single from top to bottom, it’s a beautiful trek of hearts, intermingling at the story of the possible you. THE SWITCH was formed in 2010, made out of members from Oslo’s jazz, indie, artrock and folk scenes. Band members includ: Filip Roshauw, Arthur Kay Piene, Espen Kregnes, Thomas Sagbråten, Peter Vollset, Frank Michaelsen, and Tore Flatjord.

ASL – Til You Pulled Up

Fronted by John Ryan and Shungudzo (and supported by a revolving set of close friends and collaborators including Julian Bunetta (Thomas Rhett, Niall Horan, Maren Morris, Harry Styles) , Teddy Geiger (Shawn Mendes, Leon Bridges, 5SOS), AFTERHRS (Alesso,Gryffin, Liam Payne), Liza Owen (BTS) and others, Shungudxo said of ‘Til You Pulled Up’: “”A lot of today’s popular music is pretty dark – which makes sense, because music often mirrors what’s happening in the world. Going into the making of our third EP, Love Center, our goal was to create a counter to that. Something people could put on to feel good and fall in love to.” This single can also be a story of what salvation could feel like. A knight of grace and honor saves you. Your world changes, as the colors of light surround you with new prospects and possibilities. We can make it together, if we want to.

Goodnight Louisa – Someone So Sublime

“The song started as a metaphor of being punched in the face in slow motion. The journey the fist takes, striking the nose and then all the blood running out signifying the idea of spitefully shoved out of love.” Goodnight Louisa shares her 2nd single “Someone So Sublime”, recorded by Kristofer Harris (Ghostpoet, Belle and Sebastian, Bears Den, Indoor Pets). Pop solo artist here is that pang of feeling that you feel when a relationship that you always wanted comes to life, but you’re careful not to give ALL of yourself. For love can end in a moment if not careful, you’re hurt heart decided it was easier to be pessimistic and be short of expectation. But vicariously through ‘Someone So Sublime’ there’s no need to worry. It can be your world, of happiness. Live it now. Don’t worry so. See the beautifully tailored Goodnight Louisa next on October 8th w/ Arctic Lake @ The Poetry Club, Glasgow.

Paul Michael – Tell Me to Wait

Paul Michael is an emerging artist and producer based in Connecticut, USA. ‘Tell Me To Wait’ is about being out-of-sync with a lover. From the drop bass, to the wanting vocals, Paul’s distinctive and widening look into pop synth is delicious. Trap vibes heightened a bit for a more peaking and penetrating acclaim, the coming-of-age 80’s lyrics are decadently laid out in this fascination of a dance single.

Sketchy Fancy – Endless Summer

Born from the desire to explore and perform, Sketchy Fancy carve sprays of raucous delight. Good.Bad.Happy.Sad grins through kraut rock dalliances and experiences the blues on Venice beach, every moment a journey and documented with glee. Lead single Pub Rock draws from the storytelling of 1980’s pub culture and dusts it off with a high-energy arrangement and the poignant undertones of Australian bar scenes. The choral chant of “take me home” evokes both supportive community and the toll youthful hedonism.


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