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The Tang – ‘Someone Else’ off of debut EP ‘I’ll Try Harder Next Time’.

The Tang’s ‘Someone Else’ is the single of of their debut EP ‘I’ll Try Harder Next Time’. ‘Someone Else’ and the rest of the EP’s singles represent, in our minds, the proper indie garage-pop-dream-bedroom-pop soliloquies we come to love and support. The un-refined production of the songs, just help the atmosphere of such dreamy and nostalgic moods of the song (and of the EP).

The narration is very common. However, the core attitude of a band isn’t readily replicated. This is where The Tang lives and survives to exel another day.

“For better or worse this is as much of a garage sounding musical project as we can possibly get and I hope you enjoy the authenticity and the passionate joy we’ve put into bringing our song and music into a digital format.”

And should survive and maybe even thrive, for genuine and honest recollections of thoughts are felt easily. With droopy, sympathetic and self endulging lyrics – the tragedy (or in many cases ‘potential tragedies’) are Not averted in the mind’s eye.

The tankerous flat and miss-tuned notes just perpetuates the songs, sometimes, make them even more delectable. It’s a double edged sword, but hey – gotta do YOU, right?


No one else can take that away, for sure.

The Tang consists of: Jesse Tenn (Vocals, Guitar), Teddy Macauley (Guitar), Michael O’Leary (Drums/Percussion, Guitar), Raven McBride (Bass Guitar), Neil Tupil (Piano/Keyboard).

The EP is available [HERE] @ iTunes.

Keep on keepin’!

We dig.



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