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The Tourist Company – ‘Til We Disappear

“I wasn’t intending on writing any more songs for this project but life had other plans,” said I’d just come home from tour…when my partner sat me down and told me she wasn’t pregnant. Which was kind of a strange way to start a conversation, I remember my heart leaping into my throat not really being certain what was going to happen next. She told me that her doctor didn’t know what was wrong with her. She was 8 weeks late but had taken two pregnancy tests herself, and the doctor’s test had also come back negative. She was categorically not pregnant. This left two options that were both terrifying: either she could never have kids, or she had uterine cancer and we had no way of knowing if or how much it had spread. I wrote this song pretty shortly after that conversation, trying not to freak out but knowing that I loved her more than anything and that was never going to change.” Introspective and stunning, ‘Til We Disappear’ was a proclamation to a love that was to last ever more. In the end, the story is a happy one, but along the way, this single has become a mile-marker for where two individuals realized how lucky they were to have found each other. See The Tourist Company @ The Queens, Nanaimo, BC on November 1st.

Cherry Lotus – See You Smile

Cherry Lotus is a 4 piece indie rock band from the South Coast of England formed in 2018. Passion, energy and the will to give every person that sees them an unforgettable experience and deliver memorable songs that uplift. ‘See You Smile’ said the band: “is essentially about helping someone to look on the bright side of a bad situation. It’s about a girl whose relationship is falling apart whilst going through some tough family issues too. It’s about having someone there for you, reminding you not to take life too seriously and remembering that everything will work out in the end.” It’s that quintessential story of a girl, a boy, and a lot of living in this world. Cast off emotionally, naked and raw they are left to fend for themselves, as they grow and mature, all with some scars along the way. Kissed with the best traditions of 80’s new-wave, Cherry Lotus, delivers with a light and airy vibrance that you deserve. See them next for AIRWAYS @ The Joiners in Southamton UK, on October 24th.

Bear With Me – Cry

Multi instrumentalist Thorbjørn Kaas is the creative soul of Bear With Me. Aarhus originating art project, now based out of Copenhagen, Bear With Me, is a clang of reality for the detrimental guilt you hold. From the debut self-titled EP, the single ‘Cry’ is a marching call of military precision of radical improprieties, unforeseen but expected, contrasts in personal judgements. Droning, heavy, and darkly beautiful in its harmonies, Thorbjørn’s commercial for actual living, vibes with caustic amputation to un-vetted notions, while cultivating new and vibrant opportunities that maybe ahead for the protagonist. Getting your head out of the clouds, then inserting it into a fog where you feel comforted; a pride of vocal silences dashing towards the endless cycle of ‘you’. Is the ‘you’, satisfactory? And if ‘you’ are right for your Universe, will it be enough for others? Do you care? Will they care? ‘Cry’ is a fantastic composition, never on bedrock, and fluid like our whims. It’s a badge of honor.

Dream Creeps – Gurgling Repeats

Dream Creeps is a three piece band based out of Regina, Saskatchewan that play fast paced, psychedelic, mathy post-punk that surges and winds its way through melodic hooks.
Said Dream Creeps: “Gurgling Repeats is about unnecessary competitiveness and stooping to lows in order to conform to something you don’t necessarily fit in with, but you do because it seems like the path of least resistance or the obvious choice. It comes from a place of self loathing for having gone down what now feels like the wrong path and eventually making peace with that.” Off of album ‘Astral Vampires’, Kurtis Rothecker, Anthony Rodway, and Matt Lekivetz, brings the vague, the vapid, the analogue in emotions. The throwing of notes like the chaos of it all, brings peace to the riot of life. Dream Creeps, utilizing, all of the prog-rock methodologies of musical contemplation, sets the stage for the soul searching and soul divinizing realizations that we have inherent within. RUSH, YES, Pantera, King Crimson – all peek in and out of the ambitions of Dream Creeps. That odd feeling of deja vu, is that cool and redeeming vibe of ‘Gurgling Repeats’. Dig.

Visc – Can’t Remove the Bite

Is it odd that when we heart ‘Can’t Remove The Bite’ by Visc, that we’d thought of the Traveling Wilburys? Well, we’re odd and weird. We can give you that. But ‘Can’t Remove The Bite’ is a modern rock n’ roll / indie offering that shouldn’t sound like a band made of living legends? Well, yea. Oddly it should and does. The song is if you mixed up Roy Orbison and Tom Petty, chomping with riffs, serenading their audience with a bit more fuzzed out ensemble of notes and nu-grace. Visc is Dylan Fellows, and the guy comes up with some distinct sounds and in ‘Can’t Remove The Bite’ he does that once more. We ask again though? Is it just us that Visc’s new song sounds to us, the way it does? Anywho. No matter what, it’s a good thing and something that you can chomp on. It’s a good deal. Included in the upcoming album, ‘Vicious Animals’, the album is about the differences between man and animal, and asks if we are very different after all. ‘Can’t Remove the Bite’ is about aggression, hidden behind our civilized and cultured exterior. See Visc next @ The Masquerade, Atlanta on October 26th.


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