The Tourist Company ‘Waiting On Bad News’ : Dynamic swing of pendulum and emotional fervor.

Tourist Company

Since signing to Fierce Panda Canada in 2019, Tourist Company have featured on Spotify official playlist Outliers, CBC Radio 3, BeatRoute, Sirius XM The Verge, Indie 88, Exclaim! and have peaked at the #2 slot on the NACC Top-10 Most-Added Singles chart. The band’s atmospheric, indie-rock anthems won them fans in South and North America. In 2019, by popular demand, Tourist Company played acclaimed performances across Canada and Mexico.

Tourist Company’s new album, ‘St. Helens’, is a collection of 11 tracks of different insights and amalgamations in thought and prominance of self. All told, the album never forgets its genesis and alters reality just enough to keep the listener of how music could form, reflect, undulate.

Since the release of their new record, the album has debuted at #9 of the NACC Top-30 adds.

“I was thinking about the way we process life in the 21st century. How we interact with tragedy and bad news,” said Taylor Swindells. “Those moments carry a sense of urgency and I wanted that to invade this record” he said. We often hear artists talk about fanciful escapes – buying property in a remote part of their country, or a sojourn into the wilderness. Taylor’s escape was more restrained, yet the personal parameters that he set out for himself yielded the escape he needed. “We had access to a heritage house in a historic neighbourhood with high vaulted ceilings and a grand piano in the front room. I brought all my equipment and set up a creative space with guitars, amps, synths and recording gear, all orbiting the piano. I started working and stayed up for 72 hours straight, just writing”.

Taylor Swindells and Brenon Parry make up this dynamic swing of pendulum and emotional fervor.

Listen. Enjoy. Get swept.


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