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The Toxic Avenger & Greg Kozo // Rixan // Alen Vido // Aaron Taylor // DAMIVN

The Toxic Avenger & Greg Kozo – Victims

4 songs made in 4 days. That’s 4×4 of ecstasy and excitement offered by The Toxic Avenger and Greg Kozo. ‘Victims’ is a gauzed out bass extravaganza, where new worlds pop into existence and properly get you boppin’. The chill down-beat ultimatum, crowns this achievement, as it fills your day and its rhythm.

Rixan – Take Me

British DJ/Producer RIXAN offers deep pop house in ‘Take Me’. Dance fave for your feet, it hurdles with manicured emotions and loops. Euphoric anthems and uplifting vibes cast the world beating panacea you’d been seeking.

Alen Vido – Colours Pt.2

ALEN VIDO’s single ‘Colours Pt.2’ is an auditory enigma, as it hurdles through the sun belt, and drops classical house elements and vibrant upheavals. The color coordination in this single delivers with a clarity and non-pretentious vigor that we all can appreciate.

Aaron Taylor – Play This Right

French producer Aaron Taylor stated: “‘Play this right’ started when I was playing around with that Soul M9 type of chords with a Rode Electric piano that you can clearly hear on the verse part. I was looking for something warm and catchy with a strong bass line. I was working to give this song a strong identity, Kate’s vocal performance definitely helped a lot!” Warning or an invitation of the highest love’s order? It’s your call in this night and in front of the girl of your dreams. Don’t f*ck it up. But you know you can do it. We know you can do it. She’s asking you to win her over. Do it. Saint Claude, Guadeloupe born Aaron does it again.

DAMIVN – Something Good

Belgium originating producer DAMIVN (Damian) is back with ‘Something Good’. He’s always explored the seeds of rich pop, techno, trap, and dubstep elements. In this latest single, all of those urges coincide with valor and renewed energy. Uplifting breakdown, and forward driving arrangement, impart wisdom with the beautiful vocals. The full on drop and house beats collectively gain the traditional satisfaction by the end, and it’s glorious.


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