The Toxic Avenger x Ornette ‘Mandala’ : Sharpened by experience and existential in revelry.

The Toxic Avenger

Off of LP ‘Midnight Resistance’, The Toxic Avenger brings ‘Mandala’. Voiced by Ornette, the single is a brooding collection of memories and emotions, sharpened by experience and existential in revelry.

Midnight Resistance is all of these at the same time, its own references and it must be classified between Vangelis, MGMT, Jacno, Bernard Herrmann, Daft Punk, Giorgio Moroder, Space, Michael Mc Donald, Eagles, Chromatics, Kate Bush, Caribou and Nils Frahm. This album will be released in a context of high visibility for The Toxic Avenger who has just signed the music for Hugo Boss perfume: (Europe / Latin America campaign for TV / cinema and web for the World, for two years (https: // urlz .fr / bZOC) as well as the music for the next web ads of Armani and Yves Saint Laurent.


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