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The Tracys Drops New LP ‘Humdinger’. We ‘Don’t Wanna Think About It’, but heck yea, we wanna.

The Tracys gather together to produce some kick-ass punk anthems, since their first Self Titled LP print in 2014. Fast forward to 2018, and here we have in hand their latest LP ‘Humdinger’. It continues the assault. It continues to give us metaphoric black eyes. It continues to help us say to ourselves: “Ah. Now that hits the spot”.

And heck yea, it definitely hits the spot.

Shout it out loud, y’all! And the people will come. The sound is raucous, and the riffs are hard and direct. They hit you in the solaplex of your head, then rattles you kindly, with a slap on the head.

Good measures, right?

On the album, our faves are: ‘People Scare Me’, ‘Small Hands, Big Problems’, ‘Wendy O’. Sexual, frustrations, suffocating relationships, crazy people, fantasy partners, drinking, having fun – The Tracys know what to do about them.

Rock out!

Solves that right?

Heck yea.

Buy [HERE]



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