The Undercover Dream Lovers ‘You Don’t Have To Be Lonely : Emblazoned with medals of sacrilege.


Originally from Pittsburgh now based in Los Angeles, Matt Koenig has never signed with any label, navigating his career completely as an independent act. He sees himself as a bridge between eras, combining themes and techniques from the past with those pointing the way toward our future. The Undercover Dream Lovers debut album, ‘Its All In Your Head’, is due on February 28, 2020. And the variety of pop and indie-rock insurgence is right up Matt’s philosophy of music and experimentation. Immediately recognizable for his groovy bass lines, The Undercover Dream Lovers’ Matt Koenig produces and mixes all his own songs and writes the majority of them, from time to time inviting a friend into his project for a collaboration.

‘You Don’t Have to Be Lonely’ is soft-rock, emblazoned with medals of sacrilege and bold underpinnings in subtle attitudes.

Matt added: “It was really unexpected how ‘You Don’t Have to be Lonely’ came together. I originally thought the record was complete. For fun, I got together with my keyboardist to work on a song, which we had been talking about doing for a while. It all came together quickly and we both really liked it so I ended up adding an 11th song to the record. Funny enough, a few weeks later, I worked on another song with some friends and ended up swapping out a different song on the record for that one. I’m really happy with the way the album turned out.”

See TUDL next @ Lodge Room Highland Park, Los Angeles February 28th.


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