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The Urban Sea // Miynt // Hathor // róka // Remnose

The Urban Sea – You and Me

Chris Macdonald, Shanan Kilner, Casper Hall, Charlie Dolbel, Hayden Johns, and Ravi Sangha combine talents to offer a project named THE URBAN SEA. A prog-rock / hip-hop amalgamation, with a hint of jazz teasing electrification. ‘You And Me’ is one of their single that demonstrates an ‘iconic’-like vibe for all of us to lap up. A concept single that traverses through chapters of stories, of maybe of this earth and maybe not. The bridge of the song flips the script and colors the expansive sky with drapes of shimmer and sentimentality. A dramatic pop ending, encapsulates the soul of the song, with anticipating fervor and expertise. The poetic creativity surges in note by note, as the lyrical exploration keeps the patronage sound and more than worth while. THE URBAN SEA is a unique experience from here head, to the depths of your inner secrets.

Miynt – Peaches

Swedish artist/producer MIYNT brings another gem in ‘Peaches’. The singularly decadent, single comes way of a painting of caramel dripping over a nakedness of your soul; glistening with gold, palpitating in its invitation, beckoning as you watch your eyes ogle over the tight skin of your existential vitality. A succulent supper in unwarranted, but very much devoured chicness, ‘Peaches’ brings forth the power of MIYNT and her formidable musical talents. With hooks that stutter into our mind, they dance in ecstasy without a care. The collapse of your faculties, giving one hundred percent to the seduction of this song, is admirable and just. ‘Peaches’ blows your mind. And you don’t mind. Look for her new EP soon.

Hathor – Desire

HATHOR is the solo project of singer/songwriter André Fernandes. The Lisbon Portugal based artist has this dry and sadistically charming delivery to his music. His songs shouldn’t hook on to your mind and heart as they do. It’s a counterpoint, or a juxtaposition to a contrast that is mysterious, seductive, and projectively unfair. The odd timings, the interesting calibration of synth, preside over an OST-like pop generation keeps you at bay from the attraction, as you’re attracted to the shimmering glow of a spiral galaxy. It draws you in. It draws you out. You disappear. But you never can. HATHOR’s working on his debut EP and we’re expecting lots from the venerable talent from Lisbon.

róka – Overgrown

Berlin singer/songwriter róka creates “urban escapes, blurring the line between utopia and dystopia”. That is an exact statement. And we understand where that sentiment about her outputs come from. The expansive dream-like state of her single ‘Overgrown’ is inlaid with golden sheen of desperate hearts seeking the unreachable. A vastness gathers as clouds do in the single, as you stop yourself from feeling the urge to weep, over memories that may or may not have been. But all who listen, can congregate over the visions proposed by the song and its lyrics. ‘Overgrown’ is her debut single and the soothing synth, like the flicker of candles in the off distance, beats with vigor and clarity, at the same time. It’s a beautiful piece, indeed.

Remnose – Greenland

Talented REMNOSE puts forth their 2nd single from the newly released album ‘Waiting On The Wind’. The single was recorded at Stone House Recording in Grand Rapids, Michigan during May of 2018, and it takes a deep instrumental ‘dive’, and signifies a change in thoughts and feelings that linger. Linger where? Why does it linger? Why does it influence such a beginning and an end to this diabolically personal situation? The vocal harmonies are the anchor of this beautifully jammed single as the drum beats around the horn, and the layered keys and guitar lay waste to your sentimental senses. It’s a folk-rock piece with a ambience that is just drip-drip in goodness. Darker in tone, ‘Greenland’ is a meaninglessness of meaningfulness of a promise and the destruction of it all. Does it matter? Depends. Of all the bickering, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that, certain someone is there with you. By your side. Are they?


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