The Vacant Shapes ‘Cutting up My Knees’ : License to ‘enjoy’. The stars say so.

The Vacant Shapes

Yea, for sure. The Vacant Shapes is made up of males: Richard Shackelford, Robert Ochoa, and Gregg Gross. They are boys who are men, who love life, even in the most quirkiest corners. They have star signs that will excite (or not), hobbies that are just music related (maybe), and eating habits that are just circumspect (meaning ‘normal’). And through it all, they are ripe with vigor and present rock that is classic and thrusting as this.

We dig.

Of course, the first paragraph is 1/2 speculation and of things that we think that we should hope that they truly are. However, they are males, with they do live with their given name, per stated.

Most importantly, though, they DO make music that stirs you up, even if you’re not particularly caring about the world.

And that is something to take to the bank.

Pop, rock, punk, and a dash of goodness, give you a license to ‘enjoy’ with The Vacant Shapes. With hollering perspective, and tinge of irreverent reluctance, the exuberance of ‘Cutting up My Knees’ is a solid brew of rock ’em sock ’em, good time.

Word, yo.

The Vacant Shapes is from the San Luis Obispo, California area.


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