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THE VAUGHNS’ Single ‘Coaffee Sundae’. “There’s Something Sparkly About This Song. You’re Not Alone.”

THE VAUGHNS is a band that we at CHF have been loving in both tracking and just simply listening to. They have the sophistication that we think that shoegazy-indie-garage-rock band from New Jersey should offer. Yea, we know the statement is a bit generalized and maybe misses what we’re trying to indicate. However, ‘the essence’ of that sentence is genuine.

  1. We love bands with this kind of effervescence.
  2. We love rock bands that bring the heat and the insanely fabulous lyrical weavings.
  3. And we love seeing ’empowerment’ whenever this kind of band chemistry gets obvious.

Sentimental? Nope. We just like, what we like. And when we listen to the gang in THE VAUGHNS (David Cacciatore, Anna Lies, Ryan Kenter, Tom Losito) things just get accounted and the calculations for what deems to be a great music, is clearly defined.

They bring the thought provoking and more pop-induced brand of sonic experience, if they see that as a way of communicating correctly to us fans. And they certainly do with ‘Coffee Sundae’ (released June, 2018) and it is one of those singles that hooked us even more, instantly.

It’s the ‘softer side’ of the band. And with the charming vocals of Anna, the ‘twinkle’ is highlighted to exponential dimensions. The song is enhanced even more when the trumpets are introduced though the lungs of Bruce Krywinski. The mix of emotions – pop or not – can be peeled back one by one on this seemingly one dimensional single.

But it’s not one dimensional. That isn’t THE VAUGHNS’ way.


Listen to it. It’s everyday challenges. Culminating in a perfect aura, conducive to that time in space – to be expressed, in that delicious musical form.

As we’d mentioned we ‘dug’ THE VAUGHNS from the get go, because they’re really talented, and we’re kinda proud that they spawned from somewhere in New Jersey.

Skillz, entertainment acumen – what else you want?


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