The Velvet Collide ‘MySpace Norma’ : Sorry Norma. This contract will go on until you all are senior citizens.

The Velvet Collide / Artwork: Elizabeth Pilar Ayala

“So we have this friend that posted an old MySpace Picture of herself on Instagram,” said The Velvet Collide. “What you’re about to hear is the culmination of years of never letting her live that post down.”

Our next question is whether the friend appreciates the joke? And what else has she done to try to get it off of the list? Will this go on until old age??

Ah. The joys of friendship, kindness, joking around, and love. Those things make up closeness and depth which a lot of folks in the world, do not have. It’s a pleasure of life where closeness is near equal to brothers and sister from another mother and father.

Small things make things a delight on this earth.

It’ll feel good when they are 65 years old and reminiscing, for sure.

Charming dedication.


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