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The Voluptuals Shares ‘Violence At Hyperion’. “It’s What You Crave For.”

So fun. That’s what THE VOLUPTUALS’ single ‘Violence At Hyperion’ is all about. Listen to it. You can’t help bop your head up and down, side to side. With post-punk elements and straight rock attitude, this single is a dang good exercise for your sensibilities.

Come on. You feel it right?

It’s what you crave for.

The kind of rock that would ‘rock your world’ in their live shows. A song that you’d like to pull your shirt up showing some nipples to the fans next to you, even though you’re a man, who’s very hairy.

The craziness is infectious, and digging this single is what we wanna do.

And did.

The Chicago based band is a delight. The high-energy band is glam-rock put into a slushy of post-punk-style, wrapped in the cellophane of ripe guitar riffs, theatre, and vocal love.

What can be better?


Their latest LP ‘Terminal Patience’ is now available for your enjoyment.

Just do it!



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