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The Warhorse Shares ‘Can’t Stop the Clop (Bashō)’. “You know you wanna.”

The Warhorse throws caution and loving acid at our emotions with ‘Can’t Stop the Clop (Bashō)’. And it’s a nail biting, “to die for”.

Seriously. You might die. Die of excitement, that is.

From aggressive Nine Inch Nails like industrial synth, radical punk like vocals, to the aesthetically rabid fervor of this single, you get to ride on that sophisticated and modern roller coaster, that all of the horror movies warned you not to ride. The brand new instigations – with palpitating revulsions and cantankerous absolutions – whither away as the tight production of this song, helps you dissolve the pain away.

A tinge of tongue-in-cheek madness, revolves as the heavens do, and it justifies gloriously, that rollercoaster excitement, anyone can appreciate.

Topher Hendricks said: “It crept up on us, that haiku. I feel like people have grown to view themselves as evolved beyond, but we are very much just one small part of nature. The truth is that nature doesn’t really care what you’re up to no matter how important you think you are. It was here long before us, and will be here long after us. The world would be a better place for humanity if we could all keep that in mind more often.”

“I think it takes the disillusionment we hinted at on the past material and just says, well, humanity’s probably not got that much time left so let’s just go for it full-bore while we’re still here.”

There’s a thought.

The Warhorse isn’t for anyone. It shouldn’t be in existence. But we’re sure glad it’s there for all to enjoy, if they want.

That’s the beauty of The Warhorse and its offerings. The daring works are grating and obnoxious. And we’ll have to live with that.

Life with a bit more spice?

More please.



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